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"I believe in instilling clinical confidence and competence in every

general dental practitioner wherever they may be in the world."

Dr Subir Banerji

Dr Subir Banerji


Private Practitioner; Programme Director, King's College London.

Associate Professor University of Melbourne Dental School, Australia.

GDC No. 62269

Over 18 Years Experience Teaching Post Graduate Students

Trained Over 1,000 Students

Keynote speaker at major conferences held in UK & Worldwide

Author of several clinical and research articles in peer reviewed international journals 

Nominated for clinical excellence on several occasions

Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience in Private Practice

Over 10 Years as Programme Director of MSc in Aesthetics at King's College London

Examiner for BDS and Masters level postgraduate programmes

Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate dentists for over 20 years 

Supervises Masters and Doctoral level research thesis’s

Philosophy & Core Values

I believe in instilling clinical confidence and competence in every general dental practitioner wherever they may be in the world. 

At the Academy of Dental Excellence I am joined by a team of high quality Clinical Educators from all over the world who along with their busy practices fulfil teaching commitments at University level. I have developed the academy so that the structured blended approach in postgraduate dental training and education can be delivered at an affordable price, maintaining the quality and standards and with an international reach. 

The blended learning approach combines online learning with practical face to face teaching and workshop-based Instruction. This mode enables busy general dental practitioners’ from around the world to gain a structured accredited and quality controlled postgraduate qualification with limited time away from earning in practice or from home and family. 

Throughout the world the majority of dental treatment - over 90% - is provided by the general dental practitioner in a general practice setting. The BDS and DDS qualification gives the dentist the licence from the relevant governing body to provide all forms of dental treatment for their patients. A unique situation when compared to other medical specialities. Although specialist training in various dental disciplines exist, this is available to a minority whilst the vast majority of all procedures are carried out in General Practice. 


The newly qualified dentist has to face up to this challenge. With my team of experienced educators, I will inspire, develop and instil the clinical confidence and competence required to become a successful, profitable and respected clinician in general practice.

Dr Subir Banerji
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