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CRACK Magic Utilities 5.20 For Windowsl alaelm




ak 05.20 Fruktid: what is that? Fruktid: pastebin the output of `sudo parted -l` Or are you running Windows? bekks I am on linux Just installing the non-free nvidia driver Fruktid: `sudo parted -l` Fruktid: then you dont use Windows, so I dont know what you are using. Fruktid: run that in a terminal, please Fruktid: and provide the output Fruktid: you dont use Windows :) bekks I meant to say I'm on a ubuntu installation that is installed on a VM Fruktid: to install that non free drivers you need that package: Ok Fruktid: that is not "the non-free nvidia driver" That's the nvidia driver non-free though Fruktid: what is the "deb" package you are talking about? k1l That is what the ubuntu website says it is (non-free) Fruktid: nope. they are propritary. that is just the name they gave that particular package for their own reasons. it is just the name of the package. k1l ok k1l thanks Fruktid: there are several nvidia drivers installed. the nvidia-340 is the name of one from ubuntu. the nvidia-361 is another from ubuntu. they both are propritary. i suggest you read the docs and make sure you install the correct driver. Fruktid: and then read the ubuntu wiki what its "recommend



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CRACK Magic Utilities 5.20 For Windowsl alaelm

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