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Testimonials from Students

"It is my pleasure and my honour to endorse Subir Banerji as an educator. Working in private practice makes it really difficult for us to seek and acquire contemporary knowledge that's both clinically sound and academically robust. To that end, my mantra has always been to find someone who knows and to follow them. Subir is one of those people who knows and he's unique amongst educators because not only has he got impressive academic credentials but his knowledge is so generously and effortlessly disseminated."

Dr Angelo Lazaris (Sydney, Australia)

"I am glad to inform you that I have presented a clinical case as a Poster titled " Conservative and integral oral rehabilitation, Aesthetic and Functional aspects" to the Portuguese dental aesthetic association "Sociadade Portuguesa de estetica dentaria " on the 29th of September. The Poster has won the first prize of the the 5th annual conference of the association. I am so proud and grateful as I have applied all the concepts that I have learnt with you during the aesthetic dentistry course."


Dr. Hossam Dawa (Portugal)

“Subir is one of the few academics who is able to show cases he has done himself.


Dr Guin Smith (Lincolnshire, UK)"

"Thank you very much for all the support in all 4 years and at every step of MClinDent. It's you who has inspired me a lot and made me think differently and changed my total perspective of looking at the cases and treating patients. I feel very lucky to get teacher like you in life."


Dr. Prathamesh Joshi (Pune, India)

“I can only encourage anyone to go and see him's something.


Dr Parminder Bhogal (UK)"

“I couldn't recommend Subir more as a teacher, as a mentor, and professionally as a dentist I look up to. He is an excellent educator.


Dr Marie Sanfey (Ireland)"

“I'm an associate, I don't own a practice...I think it will make a huge difference, I feel a lot more confident."

Dr Lucy Head (Australia)

“He's an incredible teacher, an exceptional clinician with energy and experience. He teaches innovative techniques and state-of-the-art procedures."

Dr Nadine (Michigan USA)

“Subir has had a great influence in the development of myself as a dentist and that of my organisation. His teaching with a passion and sharing of his vast experience has not only influenced myself but that of my fellow colleagues in my company, who have also had the privilege of studying under him…

His clinical skills are second to none and his meticulous delivery with a genuine care for all those concerned is highly admirable. He inspires us to do better and to maintain a continuous learning mindset, critical for today’s dentistry.”

Dr Philip Chan (Hong Kong)

"Subir is able to create such an atmosphere in his classes that students don't even realise how much they are learning. He's an extremely talented clinician with exceptionally well-documented follow-up cases which he is happy to share and to discuss with us.


But he stays humble and he makes students feel at ease and in that way he stimulates them to perform at their best level. He's an educator in the true definition of the word. He's a person who teaches, informs, but above all, inspires others."

Dr Aline Bresseleers (Belgium)

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